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OK, I know what you’re here for… Looking to buy backlinks right?

I’ve got the goods for you, I will give you a load of helpful tips in the DIY manual backlink-building checklist at the bottom of this page and also show you where to buy backlinks of quality, but before you start any link-building endeavors be sure that you have  good quality content on your sites.

Because when all of those streaming links help bring traffic, you want your visitors to stay right? Let me answer that for you. YES, you do.

I’m telling you straight up, content is the most important aspect of any website. Think about it, without valuable content that can hold the attention of your visitors, you will be hard-pressed to get many people to stick around your website. Even fewer folks will tell others about your website. Even less will buy from you if your content sucks.

Helping your readers, helps you! So be helpful, don’t throw up some crap site and expect miracles.

Now that I finished my sermon! On to backlinking!

In order to be sure that Google and the other Search Engines respect your website and rank it highly in the SERPs for numerous keywords, you’ve gotta have backlinks from other websites, a bunch of them. Backlink-building in essence is about building your site’s popularity and reputation. Remember the high school analogy I gave you on my home page? The popular kids get to sit at Google’s lunch table, so seek links from quality websites(or the popular kids).

Why Take My Suggestions?

There are freakin’ tons of backlink services on the market to buy and over the years I’ve bought a buttload of them. Not the small cute butts either, I’m talking those big fat “momma bootys”, haaa!

I’ve purchased from huge companies, I’ve bought from small-time guys nobody knows and everything in between. I’ve literally spent multiple thousands of dollars on backlinks(tax write off) over the last 8 years or so. I bought really great links, I bought some worthless crap too.

Shoot, I even owned my own blog farm and directly sold backlinks for about a year, very successfully too. I’ve been around the block to say the least.

You know what though? I made all that money back and a lot more. Even more importantly I’ve learned a whooooole lot through trial and error. Simply put, I know my stuff, take or leave my suggestions as you see fit. I could only lead you to water, it’s your decision to drink or not. I won’t be going thirsty either way.

Hands On or Hands Off??? What’s Your Style?

So listen… There are different types of backlink services, some are hands off services. That mean you simply select your services from the juicy options available and sit back with a drink in your hand and wait for your order to be completed and the web traffic to pour in afterwards.

Here is what I like and don’t like about these types of “hands off” services…


* Less work for you

* Less thinking for you

*  You can find ranking guarantees from some of the major, trusted companies.

* You’ll usually find a bigger selection of SEO services outside of only backlinking services.

* Very newbie friendly (Perfect for newbies IMO)


* You have less control over the work done.

* The work can often be more expensive upfront than hands on backlink services.

Personally, I’m a research nut and years ago I researched, found and used SubmitEdge with great success on my very first website. I think they charge more than is necessary but I can’t are with results.

They are one of the very few SEO services that Guarantee Top 10 Rankings within 6 months or your money back. They are my go-to company for “hands off” services although I don’t use them as much now that I’ve learned to do so much on my own. That brings us to “hands on” services.

Hands on services are services that put a juicy buffet of automated backlinking types & options at your greedy lil’ evil genius finger tips and let you control exactly what kinds of articles, wikis, comments, social profiles,etc, that you make. You create and fine-tune every aspect of your backlink campaign.

Here is what I like and don’t like about these types of “hands on” services…


* You have total control and can pull in huge amounts of visitors/web traffic to your websites with the link campaigns you launch.

* You can make backlinks for multiples sites at once for cheaper than “hands off” companies.

* You get more backlinks for your dollar overall and pay less upfront money.

*  You can build your own network of high authority links pointing to your money site.

* Once you pass the learning curve you feel like a backlink god, no joke. It starts to get easy and fun. Because making money is fun.


* You need to have decent backlinking knowledge to handle these tools. Putting a baby behind the wheel of a Ferrari won’t get anyone too far.

* You don’t find good money back guarantees because you are controlling your own destiny, they are just handing you the keys with instructions.

* You could waste time and money if you don’t know what you’re doing.

* Not for newbies and people that don’t like to research their craft.


I’ve used countless “hands on” backlink services over the years, the two I’ve had the most success with are BLG and DripFeedBlasts.

Both are good, trusted companies that have been around for years and serviced 1000′s of SEO Underground webmasters. I used DripFeedBlasts for atleast a year, at one point I had 3 accounts before they added more services. Then I decided to switch to BacklinksGenie because they offered more services and were constantly adding new features that I love.

Even though both are good, I’ve went with BLG and never looked back. It’s just my personally preference and for the most part I’ve only ever needed one account to crush the SERPs.


If Your Site Is Very New

When your website is fairly new and unknown you have a ton of work to do. It’s grind time baby, hustle hard. The more inbound backlinks you can grab, the faster your pages will shoot up the charts in the Search Engine results pages(SERPs). This in effect will draw more traffic to your website, and more backlinks as well.

As your website ages and matures and your site’s reputation grows, this “popularity” will start pulling in more and more backlinks naturally, as other folks link to your website from their blogs/websites, forums, Facebook, and so on… all this without you ever having to ask for it or buy backlinks.

Below you’ll find a checklist of tasks that will help you snatch those inbound backlinks… Be warned, it’s boring and tedious work. But this WILL work, if you do these things for your website. So how bad do you want it?

Those who are afraid of the work that bring success may leave this site right now, I’ll wait a couple seconds for you to clear your things. . . . . .

OK, for those who stayed, lets get to it!

It is wise to print out this link-building checklist, take a look the various tasks, then start knocking them out one-by-one, hour-by-hour and day-by-day. As you finish them (which may be in a day, a week or even a month or two), simply check them off the list.


*Manual (Non-Automated) Linking Checklist*

This backlink building checklist will give you the most effective methods for each stage of your website’s building phases… We will let your number of content pages be our guide.

Remember these are not hard and fast rules, but a great guideline. If you want to do more than what your page-count suggestion is advising according to this list, that is OK too!

So here’s what to do if you have….

Under 25 Pages of Quality Content

* Submit your most important web pages to social bookmarking websites — StumbleUpon, Reddit, etc.

25-50 pages of Quality Content

* Register with SiteBuildIt’s Free Value Exchange program after you’ve built 30 pages, they don’t accept thin sites.

* Search for blogs/sites related to your niche and add some quality, relevant comments while leaving your URL of course.

* Start a Twitter account and tweet, use a system to automatically tweet whenever you build a new page to your site.

* Answering questions at Yahoo! Answers, if your particular niche is suited to it. Look for unanswered question related to your website topic.

* Add your website to niche hubs and directories, in effect placing your URL again.

50-100 pages of Quality Content

* Submit your site to general and niche directories.

* Create a Facebook Page for your business and add to it regularly. Every time you add a new page to your site, announce it at Facebook, including the link to the webpage.

* Join some forums related to your niche Use Search It! Start answering questions, and posting some thoughts of your own. Add a link to your signature.

* Create a LinkedIn account and add your site’s URL. Answer any questions that are relevant to your niche.

* Re-write or “spin” unique articles and submit them to article directories. A good article in a major article site like Ezine still has value.

* Write a press release if/when you have something newsworthy to announce.

Over 100 pages of Quality Content

* Request to interview a few prominent people within your niche that have their own website. Find their email address and politely compliment and ask them. If they do it you get interesting and new content from it, and it’s VERY likely that they’ll link to the interview page on your website.

* Become a guest blogger in your niche for other sites, in return you get backlinks to your site from your posts.

As Your Website Matures…

As your website matures, you’ll find link-building starts to take on a life of its own.

As your site content and incoming backlinks grow, so does your traffic. As your traffic increases, so do your inbound backlinks, on their own, as do over 250 “off-site/page” factors that Google keeps track of, all these things determine your site’s ranking, reputation and perceived quality.

Each website, each niche, is different. Find your own balance. You’ll know you’ve found it when you start ranking higher and higher for more and more pages. That’s not the time to stop, but you can reduce your manual efforts.

Eventually, when you notice income links growing on their own, you have pretty much arrived. 9 times out of 10 that won’t happen in the 1st year though, unless you’re in a very narrow niche or you’ve been working 60 hour work-weeks!


One reason that many successful SEOs buy backlinks, is because of how much time is involved in building them manually, so when YOU do it manually, try to keep the time you put into building backlinks as a constant in regard to the percentage of time you spend creating your content.

For example, if you spend 20 hours per week on content creation, spend 20%, or 4 hours per week generating and building backlinks (researching, requesting backlinks, etc.). If you work full-time on your website, maybe focus 25% or more of your time to backlink-building.

Ultimately, the quality of your content should bring a gang of organic backlinks by itself, well… eventually, and if it’s REALLY good it will cause your site’s visitors to behave in ways that Google loves and will pick up on quickly(for example, visitors clicking through multiple pages of your site). Those actions and reactions of folks to quality content is nearly impossible to fake even if you buy backlinks.

Diversification Is Key When You Buy Backlinks

When backlinking, remember to be balanced in your attack, don’t over-use any particular technique over the others. The key is diversification… If you need an example of multiple types of backlinks, check out the wide array of SERP-crushing links that Backlinks Genie offers here.

Yahoo, Bing, Google and the other SE’s will never discount a healthy, diverse backlink portfolio.

A great way to diversify your backlink portfolio is to snag a few backlinks using one the tactics above in the checklist below, then after that use another tactic for the next few set of backlinks to your website, then employ a third method for the next bunch of links. This system of constant rotation helps keeps your backlinking program deliciously balanced.

Personally, I know longer have time to do backlinking on a small scale, I suggest that you buy backlinks if you have your website set up well and it’s ready to monetize. Buying backlinks can save you TONS of time and as any true business person knows “TIME IS MONEY”. So If you’d rather buy backlinks, I suggest you take a look at BacklinksGenie or SubmitEdge.

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