Affiliate Software – The Advantage Professionals Crave!

If you are looking for an affiliate marketing tool that allows your affiliates to sign up easily and create sales tracking codes by themselves, I will explain how affiliate software can help your business success.

Affiliate tracking scripts precisely tell you which of your affiliates are doing good numbers. You get information that even helps you learn marketing tactics from your best performing promoters.


Well, with a professional affiliate software tool like iDevAffiliate, in a nutshell, it does all of the accounting work that’s necessary such as sales figures, performance statistics, income and payoff amounts.

I’m kind of an info freak, if you are too you will like this… You are able to keep tabs of each and every webpage that generates sales for your product, this way you can actually study how your successful marketers are promoting your product and you can even mimic their tactics if they are really on to something. You have the ultimate eagle eye.

Great software also makes it easy for your affiliates to access your banners, text links and coupons as well as email messages that can help in the marketing of your site/product.


Benefits of Using Affiliate Tracking Software

Quality affiliate software tools are very helpful to your affiliate program because the better and more experienced product  affiliates appreciate a clear and constantly updated data center.

I know this from personal experience, there is a world of difference between affiliate program interfaces.The sites that have easily understandable navigation and real-time updates for my visits and sales numbers get better promotion from me and more of my attention when I promote products as an affiliate.

I play on both sides of this field, both as a product creator AND an affiliate of quality products. In my role as an affiliate, being provided an accurate and understandable affiliate “home” makes me feel like the company cares about my success and is really about doing good business. It lends to their credibility and encourages me to work hard for them.

Good software makes it easy for an affiliate to do a good job selling your product. That’s what the goal is right?

I’ve also noticed that quality companies with quality products usually use quality affiliate software, it’s almost 7 out of 10 times that I find that.



It’s no secret that for an affiliate marketing program to make tons of sales, your products need to get a good amount of exposure on the net.

The key to successful affiliate marketing management is being able to accurately keep track of large numbers of affiliates, and top-notch affiliate software makes that way too easy.

With the better software there is never a limit to the number of affiliates you can track, your websites/products/offers will enjoy a flood of traffic if you have a bunch of happy affiliates promoting it. And with that, your chances of drastically increasing profits is good, very good.



The activities of your affiliates are always accurately reported by professional-level affiliate software. This is extremely important.

Software from companies like iDevAffiliate give you a detailed report on the sales that were made for you as well as notify you of new registrations. Because the software has been integrated with its own artificial intelligence, you only need to provide simple instructions to the publisher asking for their payment info and then submit payment for the sales that they brought you.

But the benefits go beyond first-time sales. Obviously, not everyone who visits your website will buy the products or services that you are offering. However, with highly increased traffic you significantly raise the odds that your more people will subscribe to your ezines or newsletters. In effect, handing over there email address for your quality offers. (offer quality stuff or they will unsubscribe quickly, quality is the key!)

Also, you save yourself a lot of finger-counting(maybe I’m the only one that hates math though), good affiliate software tells you the exact amount to pay out to your affiliates. You don’t need to manually compute the necessary expenses. I love  that part!



If your involved in MLM a.k.a. multi level marketing or network affiliate marketing you already know that the entire program is composed of tiers of affiliates and their down lines. This makes affiliate tracking software even more of a need, you and your affiliates will be able to track the entire process easily. Your multi level marketing program can be helped greatly by use of the proper tools.



There is no need to get a special education or have a professional installation done because the affiliate software is very easy to install.

It takes minutes and once you are done, you can start using the software immediately. With so many potential benefits, the software comes at a reasonable cost although more expensive than options you have little control over like e-junkie or clickbank. If you are on a tight budget though, those may be your best option until you are able to step up.

There are many affiliate tracking tools that are available on the internet and the choice of company depends on your particular needs and preference.

I prefer the companies that have been in the business for many years and are offer loads of user-friendly options. Even though I choose to not use my affiliate link in this tutorial I myself am an affiliate for iDevAffiliate. Why? Because I use them, and love the service I get. It’s that simple, I’m a sucker for great technical support when I run into problems, they have a fast and helpful support team that’s located in the United States and they even offer video affiliate training for an affordable monthly subscription. They are my first and favorite choice.

Other companies like Omnistar affiliate software also have features that will help you with Search Engine Optimization or SEO. Signing up with them will give you access to knowledge and tools that will boost your Google search rank through the hash symbol within the URL of your affiliate. There are other choices online that are just as good and if you want to know more about a particular company before signing up, visiting its frequently asked questions section would be a great help to you.


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