Article Spinning

Article spinning has become a huge part of SEO and article marketing in our day.

The saying goes that “content is King” and with the huge need for content there has come a wave of mass content generator services and article submitter software programs.

Most (smart) people don’t use spun content to add directly to their website, but instead use it for articles that they can get backlinks from. (See our page on How To Get FREE BACKLINKS…) But should YOU use this method? Will it get your “money” websites shot down by Google and the other Search Engines?

I will give you all the answers you seek, I promise. But first…

What Is Article Spinning?

In general, article spinning is the process of creating a multitude (if not hundreds or thousands) of slightly different versions of the same article. These articles are then posted to several article marketing websites. The point of this entire effort is to get loads of backlinks to the author’s “money” website from every article version posted, and the hope is that the article will be published on several other sites as well. Many times they picked up and posted if the article is good. All of this is done in order to grab a bunch of inbound backlinks so that the Search Engines will rank the backlinked “money site” higher in the SERPs, thus bringing it in more free web traffic to profit from. How Is Spinning Done? Pretty easily actually. Spinning is done using one of the many different article marketing software applications available to Internet marketers. It allows you to change any word in a sentence with a couple of mouse clicks, often bringing up an online thesaurus and synonym database so that you can select a different word for every word in every sentence for each version of your article. Do You Need To Be Afraid Of It? Professional newspaper/periodical writers are trained to reuse their research to write many different articles for several different target market publications. Article spinning isn’t exactly the same, but it’s a business tactic nonetheless. Some feel that spun articles, as a rule are not unique, whether you choose to make them witharticle spinning software, or you hire someone that uses spinning software. I know for a fact that it depends totally on who is doing the spinning and if they are SPINNING THOROUGHLY ENOUGH. It’s that simple. Spinning absolutely can be unique and is pretty easy to make unique. The key is to use many, many synonyms and even shuffle on a sentence and paragraph level. Keep in mind, if you are sending this content to article directory websites you don’t need to worry about how many Pulitzer prizes your articles will be in consideration for, this is about the backlinks. Article submission software creates and submits more than enough articles for you to get a bunch to stick. I like to remind people to look at what the goal of these article directory services are. What do they do with you articles?? I’ll tell you what they do, they snatch them up as fast as they can and slap ADVERTISING on them, you are providing them FREE CONTENT. Those beggars are not choosy, believe me! You are making money for them by giving them another canvas to paint adsense ads all over. They aren’t in a rush to shoot your article submissions down.  Or anyone else’s for that matter. Should You Hire an Article Rewriter To Write Multiple Articles? You know what? I will totally agree that writing a ton of different articles one by one or hiring an article rewriter are the safest and most reliable method of article marketing for incoming backlinks, that way you or they can create a unique article each and every time. But if you’re going to pay article writers that much money or do that much work for original articles, wouldn’t you be better served by adding those article to YOUR website? And then go and find 5 or 10 backlinks to that webpage? Personally, I always add my own original content to my money site. Why work so hard for others that will profit from your work and not even say “thank you”? And you can forget a slice of the ad revenue! The content you slaved over or paid for is now property of the article directory. That’s why article spinning is the answer when you are only needing backlinks!

The Advantages Of Article Spinning

No matter how you view it, article spinning is undeniably a cost effective way to build incoming do follow backlinks. Spinning content and syndicating it brings VERY STRONG SEO benefits. For starters, with Page Rank and site authority factors being equal, the best backlinks you can get are do follow, keyword-specific anchor text links that are embedded in the body of unique content of the same theme as the webpage that you are linking to and ideally from a section of a site on the same topic as the page you are linking to. The easiest way to get these types of quality backlinks is by distributing content to web 2.0 sites, document sharing sites blogs and article directories. Another HUGE perk that comes with spinning content is that you can input articles in spintax format to automated article distribution programs and they can distribute hundreds or even thousands of articles with the click of a mouse. If you had even as little as 50 unique, unspun articles, you would be forced to distribute them manually which would take hours upon hours or you’d need to pay someone to do the article distribution. Bottom Line? At the end of the day this is your business, and business is set up with the goal of making profit. Think of it the way you would a brick and mortar business. If the business next door and all along your street are profiting greatly all while spending less time and money than you, you’d definitely need to find out what they are doing and do it BETTER than them. Well in the business of Search Engine optimization and backlinks, article spinning is what those other businesses are making a killing from! Get down or lay down! SEO isn’t for the scared or timid. The Search Engines are like the “in-crowd” high school kids that just LOVE the other popular kids. They even believe a total dork is cool if everyone else says so, after all this IS high school, right?  😉 Well the streaming votes of “cool” from various articles all around the net tell the “in-crowd” to invite you to their lunch table. Backlinks are IT, when it comes to SEO, so either get them or get outta the way. Some people say that article spinning looks to be another hot thing destined to be thwarted by Google and the other Search Engines, well, it’s been working for years and years now and nothing has changed. Until it does, I think I’ll let it make me a couple more bucks. What Are Your Options When You Need To Submit Articles? As said before you can write all of your articles or hire someone to do it. I tried writing my own before for an article submitter program and found it hard to just give those great articles away for free(Atleast I thought they were great 🙂  ), the articles always ended up on my own websites. If you are insistent on writing your own, I hope you type super-fast or own Dragon Naturally Speaking voice recognition software. I will admit that Dragon Naturally Speaking does make article creation waaaaay easier for me, but I still wouldn’t manually make tons and tons of content for the article directories. I usually use Dragon Naturally Speaking if I’m submitting under 20 articles or writing for my main websites. It works well in the sense that you can write quickly and have the copy be unique every time. It’s a great way to generate affiliate product reviews, freelance articles, etc. I’ve been using version 10 preferred for a while now and it works much better then I expected. After some initial(boring) training, I am seeing a 95%+ accuracy, and now it sits around 96-97% accuracy after building up my speech pattern recognition user file.

As far as my favorite article spinner software?

I have two as of right now. In my opinion the best article spinning software is provided by the Best Spinner company. Unlike some other software, Best Spinner lets you spin manually if you choose(I highly suggest that you do). It gives you suggested alternates word-by-word, and you simply pick them by clicking from a drop-down list. It has a nice article preview feature and a cool uniqueness percentage calculator. But most of all I enjoy it’s seamless integration with BacklinksGenie’s all-in-one automatic backlinking system, since I’m signed up for TBS I can scrape AND spin the articles for my BLG backlink projects in under 2 minutes, literally. I just give BLG my Best Spinner API and I’m off to the races. I’ve never seen anything like it! The downside is that there is a yearly charge for Best Spinner. Under a $100 bucks though and worth every penny for my business needs. Don’t worry cheapskates, I have a free article spinning software suggestion as well 🙂 . Just kidding, I understand that money is tight for many right now and that’s why I like spinnerchief as a nice alternative! The price is juuuuust right for spinnerchief, FREE! It truly is a quality content spinner, the one thing I didn’t like is the difficulty installing it, I clicked on the zip file but it didn’t install by itself. Fortunately they have video tutorials and a sticky entitled: How To Install. So after I read the sticky, I got in their and figured it out, once I did I found that the spinner software was really good and more than I expected for free!(I still went back to TBS though…)

Advanced Spinning Techniques

You can spin like a dummy or you can spin like a genius. Since you are reading my website I want you to spin like a SEO phenom! Follow these pro-level content spinning tips and you will be a beast at it! Here we go…   * Spin every sentence Ideally you want to write 3 or more versions of each sentence. This helps greatly in boosting the uniqueness level of your spun articles, but not only in uniqueness of the words but the number count of words as well. * Try not to leave more than 4 or 5 continuous words unspun If it’s a very common quote or phrase then you can probably leave it, but unique phrases left unspun can leave a footprint. * Don’t just spin words, but phrases too Using different phrases helps you vary the article’s word count and give you a far more unique article than only doing synonym replacements. * Remember to spin the page/s being backlinked to and the keyword anchor text This is absolutely crucial, a MUST DO. It would be a MAJOR Big-foot sized footprint to have the same keyword anchor text pointing at the exact same URL in hundreds or even thousands of article submissions. On top of that, using the same keyword anchor text registers as unnatural, you need to mix things up. To accomplish this, use one of the following techniques: If either keyword anchor text can be applied to either URL, you can use: <a href={|}>{anchor text 1| anchor text 2}</a> That is the best and easiest way to do it, but… If you want to keep a specific anchor text associated with only one URL, you can use: <a href={>anchor text 1|>anchor text 2}</a> * Spin the html code This can be as extensive as having different lists on different articles either be separated by semi colons, commas or displayed as a numbered list or bullet list. It can be simple as well, you make words differ, have some plain, some in italics, some bold or underlined or even having a paragraph split into two paragraphs or stay as one paragraph. Get creative! * Give extra attention to your headline, first paragraph and resource box The article’s headline is one of the most important things to spin and it should be spun deeply. Why? because it’s the first thing that Google reads and is many times used in the article URL. If you’re submitting to article directories then your backlinks are in your resource box so it’s critically important that it be as unique as you can get it. * Use “nothing” as one of your spinning options A blank spot in syntax can be a great SEO tactic and can be used on many levels. You can do it on a word, phrase, sentence and even paragraph-level. Why do this? Because Google and the other SE’s track word count as well. Blanks in syntax assist in varying your word count, your sentence count and even paragraph count. To add “nothing” as an option in your spun content simply use: {  |word 1|word 2}. In your generated content this will show as either word 1, word 2 or nothing. Quick Tip: Many article spinner software programs use different formats of spintax. The most common formats are [ ], { } and [spin] [/spin]. If your particular article spinner program uses a unique format that isn’t compatible with another program like an article distribution service then simply use the “Find” and “Replace All” function in a text editor or word processing program to change it easily and in a snap! Learn How To Get >>> FREE BACKLINKS <<<