Building Incoming Links By The Boatload With Content Marketing

When I began in the business of building websites and monetizing them(making money from them), I quickly learned the value of content marketing.

Early on I didn’t truly understand every aspect of what it would take to get a bunch of helpful backlinks for my first website, but I did understand that I desperately needed them and I’d been encouraged to began with article distribution. (Related article…How To Get Quality Backlinks!)

I really didn’t like the idea of this at first because I had already spent so much time writing articles for my site and I felt wiped out mentally. I felt that if I were going to be writing articles that they should be going on my website and not to a bunch of article directories, but I did it anyway.

I will tell you honestly, IT WAS A CHORE, atleast it was for me. I hated every minute of it, but it turned out to be a great backlink boost for my first website and taught me a thing or two about the backlinking world. I got a gang of backlinks from different I.P. addresses and began the process of pushing my site towards an avalanche of free traffic from the Search Engines.

Even though it fried my brains, here is what I did and still do when article marketing…

I wrote good quality articles on my niche-topic (I now hire this type of work out to outsourcers so I can focus on my own website’s content).

In the resource box that explains a bit about my website and even about me, I would always include a couple backlinks to related pages on my website and they ALWAYS are formatted to have the proper anchor text of my linked pages main keyword.

**The “Resource Box” is a part of the article that gets posted on tons of other websites and helps to build my link profile up (or as I love to say, “pretty it up”) significantly because of the great number of incoming backlinks that Google and the other Search Engines love to see.

When Search Engine Algorithms pick up on the fact that your website is receiving bunches of websites linking to you, this signals to them that your blog is popular and that it is valuable. Because of this perceived popularity the Search Engines then are happy to reward your “popular” site with higher SERPs(Search Engine Rank Position).

Keep in mind, that you should not be concerned about how highly your distributed article is ranking, but you care about how these various articles floating around the net with your site’s links help your “money site” climb the SERPs. Another cool aspect of distributing articles that are either informative, helpful, entertaining or some combination of these things is that you can build great credibility with the visitors at those other sites that have picked up your article, and all the while your backlinks keep rolling in!

One good article can be worth hundreds of incoming links to your website/blog. So just imagine if you write a few different articles and duplicate this process!

Content marketing is indeed a smart strategy because it very effectively leverages your time and your efforts. One well-written article can be picked up by hundreds of Webmasters, and help strengthen your backlink profile, your link popularity and site credibility in one fell swoop. It’s a beneficial power move for sure.

However, there are a couple of things to ask yourself before you begin to write articles for distribution…

  •  Would you be better served at the moment by continuing to build up your own website with more great content first? If yes, are you in financial position to outsource article marketing work while you continue on your site?
  •  Is your website’s topic of discussion easily leveraged through the creation of marketing articles? There is much demand for articles on popular subjects (ex., health, diets, wellness, dating, debt, investing, family and so on). Other more fringe topics may offer minimal leveraging opportunities as there are simply not as many Webmasters that are interested in publishing such material. So admittedly, the method of article marketing may not be worth the effort for everyone.

Think about those two points carefully, and decide whether or not this method will be good for you!

If your website’s niche is one that will likely get it’s articles picked up by other webmasters, there is a wide range of article submission directories available on the Web. Beware though, that taking on an article marketing project like this can be mentally draining, time-consuming and tedious. Like I said in the beginning of this article, I hate doing it myself and I now outsource most of this type of work. I make sure it gets done though because the benefits are too huge to pass up.

Important link-building and article submission tips from Chris:

Submit a quality article to one of the best article sites like Suite101. Re-work it(meaning re-word it so that it’s unique from the previous article) and submit to another quality article site. Re-work it substantially once again and submit it to yet another respected article site. You get the point, you can do this as many times as you want or need.

*Remember to always diversify you link profile to pretty it up the best for Search Engines. The point is this, in order to reap the greatest benefits in the SERPs, you need many different TYPES of backlinks flowing towards your site both randomly and simultaneously. Hit some other sources for backlinks as well, mix in some blog commenting, and maybe add your links into a few Yahoo! Answers, throw in some social website links, then the next type of linking, then the next, mix thing up because that is what naturally happens to a great site that people are linking to.

*Professional linkbuilders and linkbuilding companies agree that it is actually better NOT to “complete” only one type of backlinking before moving on to another type and then another. Instead do a few backlinks of each type in more of a rotation, keeping your link diversification in balance.

*You don’t not need to fear backlinking, just do it the smart way, backlinks are your site’s BEST FRIEND and the more relevant and quality backlinks the better.

*If your site is quality, entertaining and useful, EVENTUALLY backlinks WILL start to happen naturally for your site, people will start to link to your site because it adds something of value to their readers.

But how much time do you have to waste before you start to get noticed?

If you have a couple years, then no problem, just wait and hope. If not, you must began building your own links and fast! It’s simply an acceleration of getting the snowball rolling downhill. But please don’t misunderstand me, it’s totally fine for you to wait to get noticed and depending on how awesome your content is, that will happen sooner… or much later. But I strongly recommend that you give your site a definite headstart while competing websites are waiting at the starting line waiting for the gun.

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