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BacklinksGenie offers 3 different levels of service…

Level 3: The Free Backlinks generator package

Price: Free for the first week, then if you choose to keep it(you will) it’s $9.99 per month

Capabilities: For every day of the week you have the choice of scheduling either 25 Blog Comments, 50 Forum Profile Links and more!

Commentary: What in the world of SEO is better than Free One Way Backlinks???


Level 2: The SEO Standard Package

Price: $67 per month

Capabilities: For every day of the week you have the choice of scheduling 500 Blog Comments, 1000 Forum Profile Links and other options.

Commentary: For your Pesos you get alot of automated backlinks. You can easily mix and match day by day which type of links to build and setup backlinks to any number of URL and anchor text combinations, whatever you want!


Level 1: The SEO-Pro Premium Package

Price: $137 per month (price recently lowered from $199)

Capabilities: Offers the ability to schedule either 1000 Blog Comments, 2000 Forum Profile Links, 100 PR4+ Linkwheels, 100 Article Directory Submissions, 100 Social Bookmarks or 10 Web 2.0 Properties every single day of the week(actually you can schedule monthly too)!!! For more details of your options click here.

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