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Wanna Snag a Reciprocal & Free Link Exchange? Learn How…

Having a poor success rate sending link exchange emails to webmasters?

You are not the only one believe me, capturing a free link exchange is often a difficult task for new sites and their owners. I remember when I first began building websites and I was so excited about my projects, as soon as my site had a few quality pages up and live I was itchin’ to link to other niche-related websites and so I began sending emails out to different webmasters by the boatload.

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Good idea right?

I thought that I was in for a link exchange bonanza! But what really resulted from my efforts? I got very little response because my site was young and the owners of those valuable sites I wanted to exchange backlinks with didn’t know me from Adam’s alley cat. I had little to no credibility with most of those site owners and as a result I got very little out of that method.

Because of that, I had to change my approach and I found a cool way to get valuable reciprocal link exchanges on a consistent basis.

I don’t want anyone else to have to learn the hard way so I am telling all of you a tried and true method for pulling off a reciprocal and free link exchange with more powerful sites. This tactic is important especially for newly built sites and the key to it is very simple but often overlooked. You will understand what I mean in a couple minutes, check out my method.

I personally have experienced great results making use of the following tactics for snagging free link exchanges with more established sites…

1. Identify related blogs to your niche and then comment 5 or 6 times to ensure that owner of the blog comes to recognize you. They are going to check your site because they need to approve comments on their blogs.

2. Provide top quality content in your comments and establish a relationship with the blog site owners.

3. Following that up, e-mail him or her and suggest that you wish to backlink to their websites if they think it’s cool.

4. If they do (they will), link to them. Then follow-up by asking the owners if they believe your website would be beneficial to their site visitors. Diplomatically, inform them that you’d be thankful for a link back, as well.

5. At this point you would have already provided them 5 or 6 high quality comments plus a backlink. In all likelihood, they will find it very hard to deny you.

I get nearly a 50% rate of success using this very method. Compare and contrast that with a standard link exchange e-mail request that may get a 5-10% success rate.

How To Locate Relevant Blogs For a Reciprocal Link Exchange Easily…
When you need to uncover related blogs to your niche where you would like to comment, you have a good number of choices.

You can search for websites on:


Google Blogs

Once you discover a few websites, take notice of which related websites they link to from their blogrolls.

High quality websites will typically have some pagerank (I try to find websites with pagerank 3 or higher) and will get some targeted visitors. (I search for websites having Alexa ranking lower than 1,000,000).

It’s also can be a time-saver to use outsourcing for research, using a company like for instance. You can quickly submit a job on this site and ask for a freelance worker to locate, for example, 40 websites associated with your websites’ main keyword, that possess a pagerank 3 or more along with an Alexa ranking lower than 1 million, or whatever parameters you specify.

Once when I did this it cost me a mere $29 that 29 dollars ended up saving me quite possibly several hours of analysis and research on my own and I used that time to keep building up my sites. When I got the info back I went into action with the above method and I received a great number free link exchanges and my sites traffic and reputation benefited greatly from it!

There are many ways to obtain a reciprocal free link exchange, some are more successful than others.  So, if you are in the market for link exchanges use this method and watch how well it works for you!



I really enjoy this method too because it helps you network with other knowledgeable people in your field. To this day I have great business and friendly relationships with people I met by establishing a repore in the manner that I did.

These business relationships can and do blossom to help you out in ways that you don’t even count on in terms of JV’s(Joint Ventures),  from more advanced SEO guys and so much more. The benefits are huge, try it today and grab a ton of valuable links as well as a few possible networking opportunities.


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