8 Guerrilla Marketing Must-Dos!

You want big traffic to your websites, I KNOW you do. I do too, for every single site I own, I want tons of web traffic, I need it, I crave it and I love it because it pays to have it. It pays big.

As the saying goes… “Men lie, women lie, but numbers don’t lie” and guerrilla marketing is an awesome way to snatch those numbers from your competitors and promote your site if your money is low. If your money is low it’s time to be high on imagination and hustle!

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Guerrilla marketing was created out of the need for unconventional ways of product promotion and it relies on timing, hustle, energy and imagination rather than a large marketing budget, not everyone can be a big spender like major corporations.

In short, this style of marketing means doing something unique and different to effectively market your business/product/website instead of spending tons of cash on advertising.

Over the last 20 years or so, the methods and popularity of guerrilla marketing have grown amazingly. One of the main reasons that guerrilla marketing has gained so much popularity among small business owners is the power of the Internet. Thanks to the far reach of the web, guerrilla marketing is now more powerful than ever.



When I first began marketing websites I wasted alot of time spinning my wheels because I didn’t truly understand what it meant to market a website or product. You must NOT follow my example of early failures.

I’m amazed at the tons of opportunities in marketing websites, products and services online for money, but I’ve learned quickly that marketing only on the net was like only using half of my golf clubs during 18 holes.

There is so much more involved in effective guerrilla marketing and unless your online efforts are combined with other offline tactics, it’s gonna be hard to get the ball in the hole.

Your website needs to be promoted every-dang-where and it CAN be done with hustle and imagination!

Some of these methods seem like common knowledge, but you’d be surprised how manyobvious tactics are ignored.

Your message should be on your stationery, envelopes, invoices, business cards, catalogs, postcards and in all directories. Include it in your newsletters, in your voice-mail greeting, even in your business phone’s “on hold” message, on all fliers, and on signs if you have an office or store that folks visit.

You MUST market on the websites of others and to all of your potential customers no matter where they are. If your website is new, you should consider using a special mailer broadcasting the birth of your newborn website.

**Always wait until your Website is fully up and running before doing this, it will make you look really tacky if you’re promoting a site that’s still under construction.**



The general answer is YES, but it truly depends on who you are and what your goals are in website marketing. Guerrilla marketing is great for broke folks(I still include myself in that group by the way) that have a great site that needs to be seen.

If your website has quality content that is good enough to keep potential customers reading and coming back again and again you are in a great position. But quality of content, unfortunately, is sometimes never found by the masses. Traffic = Money. And you need lots of traffic to build a successful online business with huge income.

How much traffic? It depends on the niche your website discusses and your monetization model(what you’re selling, i.e. hard goods, advertising, business referrals,etc). Are you covering a topic that attracts big-money advertisers? If so, you will need relatively fewer readers, a few hundred a day may be more than enough to profit greatly.

If your site is in a niche that appeals to low-ball advertisers(like ringtone companies), well, you’re going to need tons and tons of visitors to make a nice profit, maybe hundreds of thousands of visitors. All of these things are to be considered when deciding if guerrilla marketing is for you.



Earlier on this page I briefly offered some ideas for offline guerrilla marketing moves that can be very useful in promoting your business, but let’s face it, this website is primarily about making money ONLINE, so I will now give you a bunch of tried and true online guerrilla marketing methods that have worked wonders for me and others.

1.Create a Buzz About Your Website/Product:

One of the easiest ways to build a buzz about your product is by having some type of special offer like a free give-away of something valuable(notice that I didn’t say expensive).

A very effective way to get a person to buy something is to offer them something free first.

Think of something that would benefit your target audience or be enjoyed by them, and then give it to them. It doesn’t have to cost much, you could offer a PDF tutorial, a simple online tool, a t-shirt, almost anything will be valued by someone out there, the possibilities are limitless.

You can do many of these things for nearly no money at all. For instance, a free online report may only take a couple hours to create/write, but if it’s jammed with helpful or interesting info, you’ve created something of value in very little time and for very little money!

You can then contact other bloggers about your give-away, offer to promote something of theirs in return for them promoting your give-away. You may be able to offer them a backlink as a thanks for their promotion efforts. You can make the prize available to a limited number of people or give it to everyone, depending on what it is.

The goal is to get a people excited and talking about you/your product, the buzz can quickly spread to others and turn into loyal traffic and customers.

**off-line guerrilla marketing tip: Consider giving away free screensavers or mousepads to people in your target market and be sure to put your Website address on it! For example, if you had a website selling custom-made guitars, you could stand outside a guitar shop and give away cool guitar-shaped mousepads! Those people WILL visit your site and may become customers for years to come!

2. Host A Free Webinar

There are some webinar platforms that are free and some that you can test it out for a month with a free trial like  GoToWebinar, but most webinar services cost a small monthly fee. Webinars are extremely popular right now because they’re a very powerful method of connecting with your audience, building an email list, and generating massive sales.

So if you want to promote a service or product and don’t want to burn through your cash to attend different marketing events, then host your own webinar so that you can communicate with people live from all across the globe.

3. Create More Videos

Videos are rapidly becoming the first thing Internet users seek, seeing that YouTube is one of the top 5 most trafficked sites on the planet should serve as proof of that. Let’s face it, In today’s world, people’s attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. More times than not, people rather click “play” than to actually read.

For that reason, your guerrilla marketing plan should ALWAYS include doing vids. Make your marketing videos either highly informational, entertaining, educational, inspirational or all of the above. If you do that and make videos consistently, you are almost guaranteed to bring much more attention to your business and generate sales.

4. Launch A Contest

I’ve not yet launched a huge contest and tested this one personally, but many of my colleagues have and it’s brought them a ton of exposure and web traffic, increased their daily visitor numbers, and helped them launch their companies and super-promote their offers.

This is something that I plan on doing soon and testing it for myself. I’ve seen it done, and if you set up your contest the right way it can make a big splash.

A good contest can also save you money in advertising fees. How? Well, a well-ran contest with a single $200 prize for instance, can easily bring you more visitors than spending $200 on buying ads on Adwords or some other ad platform. On top of that it definitely gets more focused interest from your visitors.

5. Create a LinkedIn Group

LinkedIn is all about business people, it’s great. For businesses, it’s the most powerful social media website on the Internet.

The LinkedIn groups feature is an amazing way to get great exposure, targeted leads and more sales. I am a member of a number of LinkedIn groups created by other folks. I also have a few LinkedIn Groups of my own. I’ve learned quickly that even With a marketing budget of zero dollars I can attract potential customers to quality offers simply by sending a message to my LinkedIn groups.

It’s one of the best ways to attract an audience of potential customers.

6. Let Your Customers Market You

Happy customers offer great marketing opportunities for any business, so make sure you capitalize from your customer’s happiness to the fullest. For instance, if you have customers that make orders online, you should provide them with a “Tell a Friend” link directly in their order confirmation email.

7. Utilize Your Email Address and Signature

Most small business owners shoot off a bunch of emails every day of the week. It’d be a waste not to use your emails to market your business.

Firstly, you should use a professional email address ([email protected]), and you should add a signature to all of your emails.

If you’re networking online, share your Website address with your networkers. Niche-targeted forums and newsgroups can bring you a ready-made audience for your products and services.

8. Be Interactive and Provide Quality In Return!

Obviously, you need your guerrilla marketing campaign to encourage people to spread the word about your website, making it a viral sensation. But how can you motivate people to do that free marketing chore for you? BY GIVING!!!

Be interactive, help people, talk to people. Put a few websites that you enjoy on your website’s blogroll, then access them by clicking from your blogroll, this way your website will show up in their referrer logs. So that the blog owners sees that you provided them with a backlink!

Again, in each of these cases, you should provide your readers, cooperative bloggers, writers and publishers with something of value for helping you promote your site.

The more you give, the more you will get. Don’t always be a taker, take the initiative and backlink to a fellow blogger. Follow a reader on Twitter and subscribe to someone on YouTube. Friend people on Facebook or Digg. Guerrilla marketing is about getting word-of-mouth, so get people talking and thinking about you!

Rid yourself of the thought that you are having one-way dialogue with an obedient readership and embrace a more reciprocal relationship with readers and business colleagues. This will make people like you and want to help you and in turn make your guerrilla marketing campaign a triumphant success!