How To Get Backlinks With Articles

When you start article marketing for quality backlinks and free traffic you will come to find that some tasks are more difficult than others and some of your efforts will produce greater results than others. Sometimes it nearly unexplainablenow.

I myself have done it all in regards to article marketing, I’ve wasted time submitting articles to directories that would hardly be online for much longer than a year and I’ve also submitted articles thinking nothing much would come of it and had unexpected huge jumps in web traffic! The SEO game is about trial and error, living and learning.

One of those unexpected traffic boosters I discovered is, and I want you to take a good look at how useful it can be for your website marketing efforts. This very effective strategy for driving traffic to your site by submitting articles to can help you “pretty up” your backlink profile as well as get an immediate surge in visitors! That’s the perfect combo! (Related article… How To Get QUALITY BACKLINKS…)

What I Learned Through Trial & Error…

After some testing and more testing, as well as throwing stuff against the wall to see what sticks, it became clear to me that creating informative articles related to my niche-theme often result in a healthy surge in traffic from…

It’s the kind of traffic I desperately needed too, highly targeted, free traffic, of course. Me and many other webmasters have taken notice of the awesome traffic-boosting effects of a great article in

How much of a traffic spike?

Well for many internet marketers has become their number 3 referrer of free web traffic after Google and Bing. Not bad exposure in return for the simple task of sharing your knowledge.

What Exactly Is

I’m glad you asked :) , is a massive website, divided into sub-topics. Each niche-topic has its own individual site that’s created by a “Guide.” As an entire site, receives nearly 30 million visitors EVERY month. You need to snatch some of that traffic and make some sales!

The majority of’s niche-topical sites have very high PageRank and newly added webpages are indexed in a hurry by the SE’s. It’s very clear that the whole network of sites is looked upon very fondly by Google, Bing and the other Search Engines. So are you thinking what I’m thinking? Well I certainly hope so!

It goes without saying that this is a backlinking AND direct traffic goldmine! Grabbing an incoming backlink from is an absolute power move. MAJOR! caters mostly to a novice audience. If you try to provide them with useful, basic information that adds value to their website it will better your chances of having your article accepted.

What’s In It For You?

This one is easy, you get…

free and targeted web traffic
* gained credibility as an expert in your niche
* high value one-way backlink
* potential for future article requests

How To Submit Articles To

This is tricky but it’s done everyday, so I hope you pay attention because there is no cut and dried procedure for submitting articles to They do not spell it out for you, they expect you to know what it takes to get in and if you don’t, they aren’t worried about it.

You have to know have to “work” PERIOD.

The chances of you getting your article published not only depends on the quality of the article you submit, but on your Guide’s preferences. Some Guides are open to accepting content from others, but there some that rather write all of their own content and turn down all article submissions, even great submissions.

From my experience in getting articles accepted and knowing many others who have had articles accepted, it’s clear to me that submitting a completed article to Guides is the best way to approach this. Don’t waste your time asking them random questions. Inquiries about whether they’re in need of articles often will get you a big bucket of nothing.

– Guides are EXPERTS at ignoring those who come off as amateurs. That’s why I’m trying to whip you into shape before you approach them! –

To have success with you need to be proactive. Research the site in your niche-topic and look for what they are missing in their content. Get a good feel for what’s there and what they need. After you research, create and submit a relevant article that adds value to their website.

I’ve found great success when I research relevant keywords and use them throughout my articles. You should do the same This serves two purposes. First, it’ll make your article submission more attractive to the Guide, and second, if your article is not accepted, you can happily and easily slap it onto your own website, or submit it to an article directory without having to change stuff around.

Contacting an Guide & Getting On Their Good Side does not offer a “Submit an Article” link on their website. So when you need to get their attention for your article, you have to contact the Guide in charge of your niche-topic. Just because you took the time to read my info, I will give you an A-Z list of topics. Every niche-topic has the Guide’s name listed as a link. Check it out…

All you have to do is click on the link for the Guide’s name in your niche. You’ll be taken to a webpage that gives you a quick bio of the Guide you chose and an e-mail link or a “Contact the Guide” link (which leads to a page with an e-mail link), use this info to contact her/him.

If you are smart, and I know you are because you are reading from my site 😉  , you will familiarize yourself with your Guide’s preferences before submitting an article or backlink request.

Keep in mind that the guidelines are different for each and every category, because each specific site is created by the Guide for that niche-topic.

Make sure that you read the “Contact the Guide” page carefully BEFORE using the e-mail link. In very few instances, will the Guides post details for “Guest Authors,” with a link to a form that you can use to submit your article. It depends entirely on the category, and the individual Guide in charge.

Make Your Request Appealing To The Guide Guides are required to add content and article entries to their websites on a regular basis. Because of this, many are open to publishing a professionally-written, niche-relevant article, especially when it’s presented with a bit of class.

It helps to make it clear to the Guide that you’ve spent valuable time on his/her site. Offer them a genuine compliment and a good reason why your article would be a nice addition to the existing site content.

Before you approach the Guide, first think about what would be the requirements if was your website? Remember that it’s a site that is extremely respected and well-established with millions of visitors per month. So what would be YOUR content standards for such a huge site? Huh??? Exactly! So give it to them, don’t disappoint them (or me).

Even If You Don’t Get Published You Can Grab Web Traffic In Forums

Every topic at has its own separate forum. This is a potentially awesome spot to market your website. While commercial posts, openly hocking your product are not allowed, you are allowed to add your Website’s URL to your forum signature.

If you use this strategy, remember to provide value and helpful advice within your forum posts. Whenever you put your readers interests first and take care of their needs, they will be more likely to click on your link and it’s an awesome way to build trust and credibility as an expert in your niche.

Snagging a High-Quality Backlink From

As you have come to learn, I am ALL about the backlinks! So hopefully you knew that the conversation would steer in that direction! You know me well my friend! :) In order to grab a free backlink from you can contact Guides and request that they include a backlink to your website in their directories.

Some Guides have a specific area in their forum for you to submit your backlink, so check their forum first. The potential for IMMEDIATE web traffic is a bit less than if you succeed in getting an article published, but who says everything has to be immediate?

SEO is a business for the patient, so don’t throw away your patience, and there is a HUGE benefit of an incoming backlink from a powerhouse website like Take it and run!

It Can Be A Toss-Up Sometimes, But It’s Worth The Gamble!

Some webmasters try to get an article published and quickly find out that the Guide for their topic has zero interest in publishing outside article submissions. I’ve had it happened before and honestly I’m STILL a little ticked off… Atleast READ the dang thing dude!!!OK but I digress.

Many DO get published though.

Both I and many others have discovered that creating and submitting original articles to is an amazing way to draw loads of traffic to our websites. Some of my colleagues have even received emails from their Guides requesting future article contributions and have been shocked to see their article submissions featured prominently on the first page of the site and/or mentioned in the Guide’s blog.

Have no doubt about it, this is surely a strategy worth looking into. This is a great opportunity to tap into the millions upon millions of web visitors that gets everyday! They wouldn’t mind losing a few thousand to you, right? ;)

Finished? Now learn how to pull off a quality free link exchange with other webmasters…


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